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Name: LadyEvernigh
Birthday: Jan 27 2003
Location: Oklahoma
Gender: Female
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Hello a little about myself I am Lady Wendy Evernight, Daughter of hecate, nobility among men and Danger to creatures whom stray into the Shadows ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Likes:reading, writing, cooking/baking, learning, watching anime, sword fighting,star gazing, fangirling, making friends, susi, and sarcasm ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Dislikes: People who pretend to have mental issues (like depression, bulimia and stuff like that) People who leave when they should have stayed, cruel people, judgmental people, people who go out of their way just to cause trouble for someone Else, perco, pushy cats, fights, and being normal ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I love meeting and talk to new people I'm always open if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on. I'm bi. I'm interested in glamour magic, summoning magic, transformation magic, knowledge magic, weather magic, and the divine arts ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of my poems Red on black Black on white Blood on Truth Truth on lies ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lies burning the tong of the teller Truths haunting those that keep them Storys twisted from their writer Notes dead soon as their herd Nothing comes whitout a price