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Name: WonderLust
Birthday: Jul 17 2001
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Happily engaged to the best man I could have ever stumbled into the arms of~ Spirit Name: Lani(sky) Pax(peace) Spirit Animal: Coyote ~ I am here looking to strengthen my empathic abilities and widen my horizons in Magick. I get my wonder to learn from my mother, who was highly capable of summoning spirits and creating/performing spells. I no longer have her around to help, but I still wish to learn. ~ currently studying: astral projection elemental magick herbalism ~ some facts about me: I am 16 I go to a technological high school I wish to be a psychologist and social worker I love kids I am a cheerleader I play soccer I'm a complete dork who can binge watch all Harry potter movies and not move to even eat without hestation I enjoy reading Writing is my strong point ~ LugNut the blue-nosed pitbull... I miss you buddy. November 17, 2015 to November 22, 2017 ~ Root: under-active (-56%) Sacral: open (6%) Navel: under-active (-38%) Heart: open (12%) Throat: open (31%) Third Eye: open (25%) Crown: under-active (-12%) ~ "Amor Vincit Omnia" - Love Conquers All