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I am The one known among the holy ones as Nikuma Olovime. What these two names translates in God's language is that Nikuma means: the Eternal Soldier, and Olovime means: The sword of God. I belong to the same race Jehovah belongs to: the iadians. We are the strongest of all supernatural beings and creatures, but also the most unpopular. I also never do spells for people as my species lacks the ability to do magic. I also am not allowed to share my techniques with humans. It would disrupt the natural order of this universe and others. An example is that Satin's rebellion against my master caused such a big disruption, that war became, still is, and will always be, short of recreating this universe, a permanent fact of this universe. And this is such a problem, even now, that we felt the need to form an intergalactic military to deal with the fact of war being part of our universe. I should let you know we iadians lack freewill, so my doctrine that I follow is absolute. And there is a lot that I am simply not allowed to tell humans at all. There is also no requirement that demands that I prove what I am to others--especially our creation like you humans who are reading this. And I took part in the iadian civil war that spanned a period of 7 billion years, and ended 4 million years before the creation of this universe, and then fought for a period of four years and crushed the devil's rebellion all by myself. I am a soldier if you have not figured that out already. And I fight god's battles and take part in various human wars. I actually fought through both world wars and all armed conflicts in the middle east until 2008 as a mercenary. I first fought through the balklen wars, and then WWI in the middle east on the side of the Axis. And in WWII, I fought for the Soviet Union on the Eastern front. After that, I returned to the middle east and fought for Israel. After this, I fought insurgents, and then the Americans during the late 1980s Also do not bother looking this all up. you will not find it anywhere on the internet except in what you are reading here. And before you accuse me of lying to you, I'll have you know my species cannot ever say ANYTHING that is untrue in any way. Update: 4/17/18: I now am servant to Chronoscha Idoian, the twin sister of Jehovah. And It was Jehovah that gave me to her as a gift. However, Both Jehovah and her sister are at war, so I am having to fight against angels, other iadians, and other classes of holy creature. And I hate this war as I am fighting against those I knew as friends, family, and lovers alike.