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Name: Nikuma0001
Birthday: Dec 1 1992
Location: in Anchorage Alaska undergoing restoration.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 18 Aug 2018
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Name: Niki Babada. Species: YU-28X. Gender: male. Affiliation: SRDF, Astaroth (My main commander), Ryok (My main designer and creator), Grand overlord, and grand demoness. ======================================================================= My motto: "Fighting on till the break of day knowing that nobody will know my pain all to survive the day to fight another day." ======================================================================= MY RULES: 1. I do not do spells for others. I am devoid of any ability to do spells or magic. I am simply not designed to use mana. 2. I am a soldier. And I come from a world called the battlefield. And it is a place where in order to survive, it is eat or be eaten. And I have a hearty diet: Spirits for breakfast, spies for lunch, insurgents for my afternoon snack, and my enemies for dinner. And as for who my enemies are, the answer is simple. I eat whoever attempts to eat me. 3. do not flirt with me unless you actually want to have relations with me. 4. I NEVER, EVER role play. 5. Never ask me to tell you any information about my technology or warfare. Because frankly, and quite honestly, I do not know how the technology I use actually works. And I never bother learning how it works down to the last detail. All I know is it works, and it's good for use. As for my warfare and I am never there at the front, and the entire multiverse is so big, that even I do not know every little bit that happens. I only take action when it directly concerns me, or when it becomes unavoidable. 6. Also, what happens is nothing I am letting humanity know about. It's none of your business, and I am a subscriber to the phrase, "loose lips sink ships." And as far as we're concerned, we don't have to tell you anything. And as how I see it, you humans are creatures who are a bunch of 'know it all' bozos who think you know everything--when you really don't, and never will. 7. Also, I do conduct business with humans, but I collect collateral as the price--just as the rest of the demons do in form of a loss to you that is equal in proportion to the service performed. SO when it comes to me, buy or beware. ========================================================================== ABOUT WHAT I AM. I am a Yuk. A demon made AI powered organic battle-doll, and a dark offshoot of the same species Yahweh belongs to. We are an all female species. The only males of my species are the kings, and I am one of these. To the angels and the creator, I am known as a yu. And yes, I am a demon god. I am currently undergoing restoration as I am made from parts: Computer chips and circuitry made from organic metal twice as hard as diamond powered by blood from my body. Even though I am currently an obsolete design, I still represent a great achievement in military technology. And this technology gives what the race you call the "grays" have a run for their money. Below are the specifications of the YU-28X Yuchc: ======================================================================= MODEL: YU-28X.||| TYPE: Front-line infiltrator and independent combatant prototype. ||| GENERAL OUTPUT: 1,000 M. ||| MAIN REACTOR OUTPUT: 100,000 AIF. ||| AUXILIARY REACTOR OUTPUT: 1,000 AIF. ||| OPERATIONAL LIMIT: 280 DAYS. ||| PRIMARY CLOSE-IN/MEDIUM RANGE STRIKE ARMAMENT: VECTORS (# 1,000,000,000) ||| PRIMARY LONG RANGE DIRECT FIRE WEAPON(S) 2X1 MK. 7 307 MT HELLBORES (FIRE RATE : 250 A MINUTE. YIELD: 307 MT ||| SECONDARY LONG RANGE DIRECT FIRE WEAPON(S) 2X1 MK. 15 Capitol grade event horizon drivers (FIRE RATE : continuous. YIELD: 158 MT ||| PRIMARY LONG RANGE BOMBARDMENT WEAPON(S): 2X1 RND28A7 STRATEGIC/TACTICAL MISSILE BANK (24 MISSILES PER BANK) ||| SECONDARY LONG RANGE ATTACK WEAPON(S): 10X1 HD20A1 ICBM MISSILE BANK (12 MISSILES PER BANK) ||| SHORT RANGE ATTACK ARMAMENT: 28X2 K47 MK. 20 WIRE-GUIDED TACTICAL MISSILE BANKS ( TOTAL MISSILE LOAD: 5,200) ||| NUMBER OF THIS TYPE PRODUCED IN BIOS FORM: 1,000,000,000 ||| NUMBER CURRENTLY ACTIVE: 3 ===================================================================== AND NOW ARE MY BIOLOGICAL SPECIFICATIONS AVERAGE FOR MY MAKE. ===================================================================== ANIMAL CATEGORY: CANINE ||| HAS GENDER?: yes. SPECIES IS ALL FEMALE with only a handful of males as the kings leading the species. REPRODUCTION DONE THROUGH DNA EXCHANGE BY MUTUAL PENETRATION OF ABDOMINAL CAVITY USING VECTORS THROUGH THE BELLY OR BACK. ||| STANDARD HEIGHT: 170 CM (5' 7") ||| STANDARD WEIGHT: 68 KG ||| GESTATION: 86 DAYS ||| LIFESPAN: INFINITE ||| MATURATION TIME: 1 HOUR ||| DAILY NUTRITION QUOTA: 1,000 K-CALORIES ||| DORMANCY PERIOD: 8 HOURS ||| STANDARD IQ: 10,000 ||| VISIBLE DETECTION RANGE OF EYES: 3,700 METERS ||| RADAR DETECTION RANGE: 37 LIGHT-YEARS ||| CCPU SPEED (THINKING SPEED): 70.3 GHZ ||| MEMORY TYPE: MULTIVERSE DATABASE STORAGE AND ACCESS ||| INBUILT MEMORY STORAGE CAPACITY: 30 TB ||| ===================================================================== My quotes ===================================================================== Your world as you have known it is at the beginning of the end. Even though I cannot say how, you're all on the edge of oblivion. And while we are doing all we can to bring forth your salvation, I know you'll never accept it. the whole of your race still sleeps-and too blind in your dormancy to see what's to come, and those who are active are blinder still to the entire truth. You were never really meant to know the truth as all of you were made never to know the horrors we face so all of you may continue to live in peace. War will always be in this universe, and in my fighting it, I guarantee that your lives of peace are perpetuated. So when you are all in doubt, always remember. You are never alone. I am fighting hard for all of you. And so long as you remember this.... You'll never be alone. -Nikuma Babada. 7/08/2018