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Hello, Blessed be!
I born and raised up in India, I was a devotee of Hindu deities for a long time, but sooner I figured out that Hinduism is not the only way to understand deeper meanings of life. So, I started to learn other religions as well. Thanks to the spread of internet across the globe, I was able to reach out to great minds.
Somehow, while I was in the middle of so many things that are going on in my life and was very close to ruin my personal life and my formal education. I found my first guru, who taught me intensely about different beliefs and their relevance in the great work. Saved me from a lot of trouble.
I do not possess understanding of esoteric side of the learnings, I still feel like there is a lot to understand in order to purify self and soul.
I am really glad to see here so many great souls are learning about deeper meanings in life and improving upon them. I hope to learn how I can be a better part of this community.