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Name: emolove1
Birthday: Jun 29 2003
Location: you can find me sitting in a orb of light slitting my wrists.
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hello. ~~~ i'm makayla, but i prefer max. i'm punk, gender fluid, and bisexual. i was born a girl, but i identify as them/they/their. i'm a hereditary empath and psychic. i have premonitions and i feel other peoples feelings and turn them into art or use my abilities to make them feel better. i've done it to many people. i wanna learn to improve my abilities and control my premonitions. if anyone knows how to do that please message me. idk what my spirit animal is, i think its either a white wolf or a white fox, so if someone could help me find out what it is that would be great, thank you and blessed be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ all my splits. tyler- voice in my head that tells me to kill myself. doesn't come out. madeline- part that makes me cut, part of me thats weak, she shows the side of me that has been abandoned and abused. nathan- the part of me that mad all the time and comes out whenever i'm mad but too scared to do anything. rose- the part of me that is really sexual and comes out when i'm, well you know. jackson- the insane part of me, the part that wants to kill people. he comes out when i'm really mad and nathan cant come out. ana- the part of me that doesn't wanna eat and makes me feel fat whenever i do. boy max- the boy version of me, gay, comes out whenever i feel like a guy. girl max- the "bad" part of me. the part that gets me in trouble and doesn't care. ivy- the jealous part of me. if she comes out she blows up at whoever i'm jealous of. alice - she wants to kill everyone like how jackson want to. she kinda acts like sally (if you dont know who sally is she's a creepypasta character) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ current favorite song is: wake up by black veil brides. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ im single ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i have no reason to live, but i'm gonna keep on living because i like to help people with my gifts, if your feeling depressed or suicidal, please message me so i can help you. their are people out their that care for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i wont do spells for people but i will help people find spells so just message me and i will do so. well thats all for nor, farewell and blessed be )O( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF U KIDNAPPED ME WHAT WOULD U DO? 1.keep me 2.kill me 3.kiss me 4.rape me 5.sell me 6.make me your pet 7.marry me and change my name 8.if u pick 8 u choose my fate 9.Tie me up 10.make me your slave 11.pet me ~~~~~~~~~~ Repost this if you agree with it. ~My name is Chris ~I am three, ~My eyes are swollen ~I cannot see, ~I must be stupid ~I must be bad, ~What else could have made ~My daddy so mad? ~I wish I were better ~I wish I weren't ugly, ~Then maybe my mommy ~Would still want to hug me. ~I can't do a wrong ~I can't speak at all ~Or else I'm locked up ~All day long. ~When Im awake Im all alone ~The house is dark ~My folks aren't home. ~When my mommy does come home ~I'll try and be nice, ~So maybe I'll just get ~One whipping tonight. ~I just heard a car ~My daddy is back ~From Charlie's bar. ~I hear him curse ~My name is called ~I press myself ~Against the wall. ~I try to hide ~From his evil eyes ~I'm so afraid now ~I'm starting to cry. ~He finds me weeping ~Calls me ugly words, ~He says it's my fault ~He suffers at work. ~He slaps and hits me ~And yells at me more, ~I finally get free ~And run to the door. ~He's already locked it ~And I start to bawl, ~He takes me and throws me ~Against the hard wall ~I fall to the floor ~With my bones nearly broken, ~And my daddy continues ~With more bad words spoken, ~''I'm sorry!? I scream" ~But it's now much too late. ~His face has been twisted ~Into an unimaginable shape. ~The hurt and the pain ~Again and again ~Oh please God, have mercy! ~Oh please let it end! ~And he finally stops ~And heads for the door ~While I lay there motionless ~Sprawled on the floor. ~My name is Chris ~I am three, ~Tonight my daddy ~Murdered me. -Post if you're against child abuse