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Name: Halnucihan
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Call me Halnucihan I have on this site for as long as I started walking my dark path which started when I was 15 I am at the time of this I am 30 I have quite the collection of knewlode but this doesn't mean I have all the answers I will teach most dark topics.
I am looking for other groups to help with a project.
Considering looking for another worthy apprentice to train in something I have been developing for 9 years in many paths I have created magick is one of those path but not the first if you are interested in a apprenticeship send me a message subject the first path.
Update: The website linked above has changed to work like the Games series Hearts of Iron and CIV my group will be there along with many others if you like to use it to set up your own group just sign up and pm Admin it will be like created you own mini nation with encourage acting in such a manner for more info PM me.
Note: I am often online but not using my computer so keep that in mind if you se me online but don't reply to your message.