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Name: DuskLight
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"Magic is making the possible more probable" - ME

Hello everyone I'm Dusk. I'm sixteen years of age and have dabbled into the craft for the last four years but have taken it more seriously the past two. For the last year I have be working with the Greek Pantheon of gods in both my magical workings and in my life in general and they have been such a big help to me in both aspects.

I'm quite eclectic in both my methods of practice and in my beliefs. In my craft I have drawn from Kitchen Witchery, Sea Witchery, Traditional and New-Age witchcraft and other various traditions and paths which I have come across. Recently I've been researching and practicing ancient greek forms of worship and interactions with the gods in hopes of understanding the deities I've come to cherish.

I have "worked" with several Gods, Titans and other beings from Greek Lore and hope to continue to do so in the future. Some of the beings I've worked with are:

  • Astraeus - The Titan of Dusk.
  • Aphrodite - The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Procreation and Pleasure.
  • Hypnos - The God of Sleep.
  • Ares - The God of Battle and War.
  • Athena - The Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, The Crafts and Skill.
  • Eros - The God of desire and attraction.