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Name: SpotRun
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Hi Everyone I'm SpotRun
I am fairly new to magic I have been practicing about 3 or so years now I focus on protection, binding and cleansing spells as well as energy manipulation I am currently studying sigils and would like to study cleansing and purification spells in more advanced forms in the future.
I love to chat so don't feel awkward about messaging me and as for casting spells I would be happy to recommend a spell for you to try yourself depending on your needs and knowledge on the type of magic your looking for but in general I don't cast spells for others.
I enjoy herbal medicine and am a big supporter of it so if you want some recommendations on some brews to make I can help of course make sure to always check with your doctor to prevent any reactions with medication you are on.
I haven't yet decided to join a coven but I am currently thinking about it
Any questions feel free to message me.
I will add more to this later.