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Name: ZinniaWitch
Location: North Tonawanda
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Hi, I'm Zinnia. I have always had an interest in magic and witches and discovered that I have a knack for this. People come to me for assistance and guidance. I chose the name Zinnia when I was little. I read that it was a type of flower and sounded like a witch name so that's where that came from. I actually really like the Zinnia flowers and had some in my garden. I noticed throughout my life that I had instincts and empathetic powers that other people around me did not so it seems natural that my path has led me here. I consider myself an eclectic water witch. I have always been so drawn to the water and incorporate that element in most of my spells. My staff is made from a long stick from the lake.I am also an ordained Christian Minister. It may seem strange that I am a witch too because these things usually do not go together but in my studies and lived experiences, I have actually found links between most religions and beliefs and find that there are more similarities between them than differences. I think the world would be so much better if we all focused on kindness and acceptance rather than on what divides us. This is who I am and I have come to accept and embrace it.