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Name: Crazypuppy
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I am an aspiring young witch hoping to have some help with what i wish to become. I want to be someone people around me look up to, or look to for advice. I mainly practice black magic but i do practice other spells and create potions. I only started practicing magic as of the beginning of September, so I am very new to all of this.-A little bit about me:-I am 15-I like video games-I love anime-I am a Satanist-I am Bisexual-I am slightly psychic and can see only into the future a couple of second through visions I cannot control, so I cannot do much with this power but came to this site to help this power grow-If you want to be my friend just send a request or message me i wont mind, I like to make new friends. I might not be able to get back to you until later that is because I might be in school.-I will NOT cast spells for you, but I will try to help you with anything else.-MESSAGE ME AND I WILL TALK TO YOU!!!!!!!! TRUST ME!!!