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I don't have a lot to post here at this particular moment. If I don't respond to any messages sent to me, please do not take it to heart-I'm hardly online and I primarily lurk on the site. You are still allowed to send me any messages and the likes, just take note of that.

Notes on Messaging me: Hate speech, Trolling, will be ignored and you will be blocked. If your message does not have a subject, I will likely ignore it: Please put a subject in your message. It helps to use mostly correct grammar and punctuation, if not It makes it rather difficult to understand the message. I am also NOT an RP account, nor do I accept 'rp' messages or requests. I do take my craft(s) seriously and I will not respond to such. I will give you a warning beforehand, and if the warning is ignored, you will be blocked. Please be respectful.

Things to know about me: I am an eclectic witch, I have been practicing and learning for around 7 years by this point,as I mentioned, I'm more of a lurker than truly active. I do have a large interest in studying the supernatural, though I don't like the idea of 'ghost hunting' or the idea of contacting spirits. If you have any questions regarding witchcraft, wicca, etc, I will do my best to answer them.I don't have any problem with those who think or do otherwise, and I respect all forms of witchcraft and all other religions. Please do not message me claiming that only real witches curse, or do this, or that men cannot be witches for this, this, and this...That's bigotry and you will be ignored.

I am not apart of any online or real-life covens either, on a completely unrelated note: I like to draw and I spend most of my free time reading when possible. Hoping to learn a bit morehere, and find similar persons as well.

I DO NOT do curses/hexes, In a number of formsof witchcraft- for those who use magick as apart of their religion, spells and rituals arenot alwaysmeant to bring harm onto anyone, and I follow that belief. Please Note: I won't preform a spell for anyone, (Anyone can do spells, even if it doesn't have the desired effect.)I've had people ask me to do so in the past-and it's just not something that applies. This goes for asking me for Tarot readings.

Primary Practices:

Candle Magick (Most of my spells involve candles, or usage of Candles)

Herbs and White Magick:I do study and have a knowledge of Herbs, which sometimes Herbs go hand and hand with Healing related magick, protection, white magickin general. This also includes protective and defensive spells/rituals.

Divination: Tarot readings, Runes, etc.

Crystals and Spiritual based/related: (I also study and take part in what is considered Grey Magick, or neutral between white and black. It isn't considered 'bad', nor 'good' though still usesthe beneficial purposes of White Magick.)