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Name: Erious
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I don't have a lot to post here at this particular moment. If I don't respond to any messages sent to me, please do not take it to heart-I'm hardly online and I primarily lurk on the site. You are still allowed to send me any messages and the likes, just take note of that.

Things to know about me: I am an eclectic witch, have been for around 5 years by this point,as I mentioned, I'm more of a lurker than truly active. I do have a large interest in studying the supernatural, though I don't like the idea of 'ghost hunting' or the idea of contacting spirits. I don't have any problem with those who think or do otherwise, and I respect all forms of witchcraft and all other religions.

I am not apart of any online or real-life covens either, on a completely unrelated note: I like to draw and I spend most of my free time reading when possible. Hoping to learn a bit morehere, and find similar persons as well.

I don't do curses/hexes, In wicca, and in some other forms of witchcraft- for those who use magick as apart of Wicca, spells and rituals are never meant to bring harm onto anyone. Please Note: I won't preform a spell for anyone, I've had people ask me to do so in the past-and it's just not something that applies. This goes for asking me for Tarrot readings.