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Name: Meison
Birthday: Jul 6 1979
Location: Netherlands
Gender: Male
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A little about me... Im a strong empath, mostly thanks to the sign i was born under. This empathy always made me open for people and the occult. Ive studied several "mainstream" believes and have found for myself, that magic isnt copied or written down in a For Dummy's guide. Its a path each travels from start to end. I have experience with astral travelling, seeing glimpses of my own future, sex magick and light remembering of previous lifes. Im mostly interested in Shamanism, Meditation and what else i discover that fancies my curiousity. Currently in the middle of experiencing the Keys of Solomon (summoning magic) and have made some unexpected discoveries for myself. The greatest lesson magic gives is that its a mirror. Its the universe in its many faccets reflected. Pardon any typos as English isnt my native language.