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Name: Shobhan001
Location: Destroyed earth by there own beings...
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Hello everyone... it's good to know that everyone is trying their best but not everyone some of you fail in their motives but don't lose your hope I know keep trying your best to achieve even you have push your limits far beyond just push it I know what I'm saying but if you are think you lose hope or worst in kind but you are not ...see around us see for yourself think that YOU can do that nobody can't cause this gift only inherit by YOU only do your best to achieve the benevolence and get something beautiful in return don't think only demons offer something... you have your gods living inside your heart they are testing your deeds if you replace them with demon it's your choice and became the example of malevolence but if your deeds are in path of good then you will get whatever you want without sacrificing it just believe in good don't lose hope you are not alone in this world think that and whatever you do next or decision can change your future and it's timeline ok it's depend only what your next speaking WORD I can simply call it your choice ok ...... I can't force you to became the good or master of evil I don't interfere in your decision but I will interfere when you hurt someone I said you have to live your life by yourselves but you have no rights to hurt people also this same rules applied people also because upcoming generation will become like your deeds they get your influence good or bad by you and get the result from it so DO GOOD HAVE GOOD best of luck to all... (Demi-human.. Demi-gods.. Demi-demons... gods .. demons.. immortals.. celestial beings.. witches.. Warlock.. sorcerer.. mage.. and all dear humans) best wishes for their hardworks And about me I'm the Father and God of All Dragon ....The Bahamut