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Name: Eucatopia
Birthday: Jul 29
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Hello! and welcome to my page.

The Basics :

  • I DO NOT cast spells for anyone, you have the capability to do it yourself.
  • DO NOT send me romantic or sexual messages. Try Tinder heard it works wonders. This is a place to learn about the craft and other things.
  • Respect me and others, no one is perfect so if you're criticizing someone, please make sure you look in the mirror and come back when you were adored by everyone on Earth.
  • When messaging me, try adding a subject line instead of leaving it blank.
  • PLEASE don't message me with things like: Changing your physical DNA, Turning into a mythical creature, or anything like that. If you do manage to do that.. please show me I would LOVE to see.
  • If you're going to act weird like "I feed on the blood of my enemies" or "I love to watch people torture at my hands" or even "I am your master, and I want to see your blood and tears as you bow down to me" don't message me, grow up. Please.
  • CHECK OUT MY WISHLIST! I am always open to gifts, thank you!

    I would be happy to talk or maybe even guide you/answer questions. Asking me nonsense questions would be a complete waste of my time, like those listed in the last two bullets of "The Basics". I might even ask you questions that I don't know. We could create a bond very easily. And with that being said, I hope to make new friends and meet people who share the same interests, or maybe even others that I'm not familiar with!


What I'm currently into :

  • Herbs
  • Crystals
  • Spell Casting
  • Dream Magick
  • Candle Magick
  • Speaking to HP's or spirits
  • Making Grimoires/Magick Journals
  • Wands
  • Guardian Angels
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Runes
  • Partnered Spell Casting
  • I may get into Divination


Facts about me:

  • I'm gay (only into females)
  • I LOVE the 90's
  • I'm pretty young but very capable
  • I love Charmed, The Craft, Supernatural, Family Guy, ETC.
  • I listen to many different kinds of music..
  • I am a vegetarian (JK I wish)


My other accounts:
@Opacity (Gagged)
I make these other accounts just in case I want to join another group on that account instead of only on one account so that I can expand my range of knowledge.
Something Interesting-ish about me:
A lot of times, I would see a quick image/ event out of nowhere and then close my eyes and see it for a few seconds and open my eyes. If I try closing my eyes again to try and see it, I can't.. Then afterwards I would see this EXACT image/event somewhere. This happens at least 3 times a week.
Another thing is, is if I focus really hard while closing my eyes I can "create" or form a person in my mind (Please keep in mind that I don't know wether or not I have seen this person before.. but I have had circumstances where I had seen somewhere I haven't seen before in a premonition who is on a TV show later on) and I'd eventually see this person or place or event. If it's something that already happened, or it's someone that I already know I keep ddigging until I feel a very very hot sensation throughout my body and I see a white light, then I know it'll happen soon, or i'll see this person.
Call it premonitions
*If you do not believe me, or you want to "point out" something about my "premonitions" please refrain from doing so, I already get disbelief and misinterpretation as it is so I don't need more of it, thank you*
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