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Name: Graysutra
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I love being a Spiritualist I love the feeling of helping spirits find peace. I'm a witch, a water element, aligned to the moon, a lucid dreamer, teetering between God and Wicca. I'm limited with my current knowledge and want to expand my horizons and learn more things about myself as I go down this road. If there is anyone who wants to join me or help me learn and train let me know I'd be more then happy to learn anything you got for me or we can learn from each other. I have family who are spiritual and I'm battling dark enities and hostile spirits defending my family from harm. I have a spiritual bound weapon. I specialize in barriers. I can receive gifts from crystals and spirit stones. I channel energy from water. I feel life from from plants and trees. I can also feel the thoughts of animals that like me. I'm in search of Spiritualists who are willing to acknowledge evil in this world and the next. The Otherside, The afterlife, Beyond the Veil. No matter what you call it, it has been torn and teared for to long. I believe it's time for the lights that still shine in this dark world to come forth. The Otherside needs help, our loved ones who have been denied Grace and hide from Damnation need to be defended. If you feel the same as I do and want to do something about it message me. Message me your name and gifts. Don't care about where your from, don't want addresses, phone numbers, or emails. Just your name and what you can do. Evil has been allowed to run rampid unchecked for to long. So what will you do as people who been gifted. Born with the talents, skills that be used to make other lives better. Ethos of the Gray. On our knees we Pray for those who reside in the Gray Not in the Black nor in the White is where we show our Might. To defend this world and her Fading Light against the evil lurking in the Haunting Night. Friends from everywhere and nowhere come make haste and join the Squall. Here are we. We are Them. We are all. Now is the time take heed the Call.