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Name: FaerynJade
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My name is Faeryn, but you can call me Fae. I'm married to my best friend and soulmate.
My Practice:
I have approximately 13 years of experience in the occult world. My work has been both solitary as well as in a coven, and I've studied/practiced a wide variety of things.
I consider myself an eclectic spiritualist. I grew up in an eclectic household, and chose to learn a little bit about every major religion from Christianity to Wicca.
I'm currently going back to my roots a bit in my practice:
-Shamanism; reaching altered states of conscious to enter the spirit world and seek help from spirits. Spirit work has always been a big part of my practice
-Crystal work; mostly crystal healing. I've always been very fond of crystals, and being drawn to them makes them something I personally use a lot.
-Herbs; their uses in the magical world as well as medical world. I often prefer herbal remedies for my ailments.
-Deities; currently studying about deities I haven't worked with and taking an interest in working with new ones.
These are only the things I am currently practicing/studying and do not define the things I have knowledge of.