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Name: Chakra98
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Hiya, welcome to my corner of SoM
Thing's about me:
Name: Aaliyah
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Favorite Element: Earth
Path: Ecletic witch ( See further down for my believes )
Likes: Video Games, The arts, Gardening, and listening to music
Dis-likes: Bullies, liars, and people who judge to quickly
* I have ASD ( Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other-wise Asperger's syndrome ). You are being told this, because I learn in a special way and have a very hard time understanding certain thing's. If you choose to help me with something or I am helping you with something, PLEASE try and be patient with me for I get very overwlemed easily- Thank you *
I am working on growing and founding my believes. But I am on the path of an Eclectic witch.
An Eclectic witch is:
An individual approach that picks and chooses from many different traditions and creates a personalized form of witchcraft that meets their individual needs and abilities. They do not follow a particular religion or tradition, but study and learn from many different systems and use what works best for them......
( )
My personal views are along these lines ( I believe in ): Renicarnation, Mother Earth is the highest & God's/Goddesses are her family we are her children, everything has a soul ( tree's, rocks, river's, etc. ), there is no black or white magic it's how you use it and what your purpose is that makes it magic, we are all connected. Those are just some of my believes. My deities are more towards the Celt's with Cerridwen being my Patron Godess, and Cernnosous being my patron God. However I will admit I love how the Greeks do it with the Muses, and nymph's, etc. I work with and accept the fair folk as our brother's and sister's, who are free to move through out the layer's of the world.
If you require any help or wish to know more about me, my believes, or why I am here fell free to message me. However, if your message doesn't have a subject and your questions or statement's aren't clearly made your message will be deleted and you will be blocked.
)O( Blessed Be )O(