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Name: Yoonkay
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hi my name is yoonkay my real name is kaylee but i rather be called by my username i like to practice conjuring i wanna try to summon a familiar one day to help me learn new things about the world well if i summon a familiar i will put it in my bio (: and im a huge otaku i love anime and manga mostly yaoi manga don't judge me fav Anime:my hero Academia or soul eater fav manga:tokyo ghoul i try to be online as much as i can if u mail and i dont answer its cause im like easily distracted and leave my computer on and walk off somewhere. [My name is Chris ~I am three, ~My eyes are swollen ~I cannot see, ~I must be stupid ~I must be bad, ~What else could have made ~My daddy so mad? ~I wish I were better ~I wish I weren't ugly, ~Then maybe my mommy ~Would still want to hug me. ~I can't do a wrong ~I can't speak at all ~Or else I'm locked up ~All day long. ~When Im awake Im all alone ~The house is dark ~My folks aren't home. ~When my mommy does come home ~I'll try and be nice, ~So maybe I'll just get ~One whipping tonight. ~I just heard a car ~My daddy is back ~From Charlie's bar. ~I hear him curse ~My name is called ~I press myself ~Against the wall. ~I try to hide ~From his evil eyes ~I'm so afraid now ~I'm starting to cry. ~He finds me weeping ~Calls me ugly words, ~He says it's my fault ~He suffers at work. ~He slaps and hits me ~And yells at me more, ~I finally get free ~And run to the door. ~He's already locked it ~And I start to bawl, ~He takes me and throws me ~Against the hard wall ~I fall to the floor ~With my bones nearly broken, ~And my daddy continues ~With more bad words spoken, ~''I'm sorry!? I scream" ~But it's now much too late. ~His face has been twisted ~Into an unimaginable shape. ~The hurt and the pain ~Again and again ~Oh please God, have mercy! ~Oh please let it end! ~And he finally stops ~And heads for the door ~While I lay there motionless ~Sprawled on the floor. ~My name is Chris ~I am three, ~Tonight my daddy ~Murdered me. -Post if you're against child abuse.]