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Name: Valerie1999
Birthday: May 28 1999
Location: usa IA
Gender: Female
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18 bi secular(usually) kitchen witch ^_^

-I started studying/practicing a year ago starting with a weather spell and power chant from this site.BIG mistake. there were two floods within 4 months after I did it. I stopped casting and just studied after that. Now I think I'm ready to start again!

-my craft consists of>herbs, runes and symbols, chants and a diy amplifying patience/protection charm I always have with me. When I get mad things break without me touching them so a lot of calming spells as well.

**also I have amazing but selective intuition**

I have sooo much to learn

--I don't believe in changing yourself into a vampire, mermaid, werewolf ext. It's my opinion that it just continues to stigmatize witches.

sister: libra.bitch <3

message me or something this site gets pretty boring without it