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"Heathenry is a macho male warrior's religion!"

We have, like, four deities associated with war. One of them is queer. One of them is a protector of the common folk. One of them is a disabled god of justice. One of them is a goddess.

I'm just saying, statistically we have more gods associated with agriculture. Maybe we should start saying that Heathenry is a gardener?s religion.

Valkommen. You may call me Olivia. I have been on this path for going on four years now. I introduced myself to Loki, then from here on out, I got myself into this beautiful mess that is heathenry.

I honor Thor, Loki, Odin, The Nornir, Eir, and many more.

My primary practices involve cursing, divination, Icelandic Staves, deity communication and candle magic.

Outside of my spirituality, I work at a call center, and I enjoy The Elder Scrolls. I also carve candles and sell them at

I do not tolerate foolishness, pettiness, or stupidity.