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Name: NovisNox
Birthday: Jul 24 1999
Location: The Crossroads
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I only live by two tenants in life, Do what thou wilt and harm none. Before you ask, yes I practice in the "Dark Arts" and no I am not evil. Magick is Magick regardless of what labels you bind to it. Light cannot exists without darkness. Now that THATS out of the way....HI! The name is Novis Nox (Noctis for short) I'm happy to be here and hope to meet some awesome new friends! Here is a little bit about me: What I Practice: Chaos magick mostly and you're already aware of my relationship with the dark arts Zodiac: Leo Favorite crystal: Typically amethyst but I have a love affair with smokey quartz Deities: Well... I don't have a patron/matron nor do I plan on getting any but I do of course work with deities on occasion. The usual ones are Eris and Dolos because...well long story. I also work with Loki (he's actually a sweeter guy than people give him credit for) Hobbies: Music, voice acting, and reading Favorite spell: My favorite spell is actually a healing spell and is one the first spells I ever learned. This spell always works and is super simple to perform. I love it so much that I'm going to teach it to you right now! All you need is an amethyst crystal. Hold that crystal then chant the following a minimum of three times. "Tui Gratia, Loveis Gratia, Sit Cura!" You can use this to heal yourself, others, or to purify objects. You'll thank me later. If you have any questions or would like to get to know me feel free to send me a message. Many blessings. -Novis Nox