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Name: ashley3216
Birthday: Dec 25 1992
Location: Japan
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If you know how to do math, then you know how old I am, so there is no need for me to put that here. I've been studying Wicca for some time now, but have only recently fully dove into the religion. I have a deep connection to Nature, my favorite color is green, and cats are defiantly my spirit animas. I love to travel. So far I have been to Russia, Canada, Japan, and Bali, and planning on going to Italy in the spring. I love reading, my current favorites are the Charlie Davidson series and the Red Queen series. I also like to watch anime and read manga (that includes fan-fic). P.S. I'm married and therefor not here to "meet the love of my life." You will be blocked if you message me looking for love. You will also be blocked if you want to turn you into a werewolf, vampire, mermaid... it's just not going to happen. Thank you for reading my bio :)