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Name: Eragon247
Birthday: Feb 11 2003
Location: Dubai, UAE
Gender: Male
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The following are a majority of my main attributes: 1. Young (14 to be exact, I am very well aware of the fact that my lack of acronyms such as LOL and ROFL make some of you doubt I am much more aged but I can guarantee I'm 14 just much more mature. Do you want proof? Alright, give me an example of a single immature teenager who is aware of the meaning of "acronym". I actually challenge any of you to give me such an example.) 2. Bookworm, mostly of Young-Adult Fiction series and Science based books, my favourites are "The Inheritance Cycle" and "The Shadowhunters" (More specifically "The Clockwork Series") 3. Homosexual Yes, I'm gay, if you have the slightest inability to cope with that then DO NOT MAIL ME! I'm single if any of you wished to know and I welcome anyone to come and try me, I am a bit of a challenge just so you aren't disappointed. I had a nasty breakup with a guy. 4.I'm naturally into arts of multiple kinds, such as poetry, painting, singing, sketching, and guitar. Feel free to mail me about anything, literally anything under the sun.