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Name: Darkess666
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Location: With Father Satan
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Hello i am darkess and im a spritiual Satanist. I have been a Satanist for 5 years and i love what i do,and im devoted to Father Satan. If you have any qustions or need help with spells and rituals message me. I am experienced with magik although there is more room for more knowledge, i am still learning to empower myself to becoming a living god. Please don't message me asking to turn you into anything, it not possible, so just get it out of your head.
I consider myself a very knowledgeable Satanic monk, Buddhism actually has a little bit of connection with theistic satanism. I read a lot oh psychology books so i know a lot about the human mind and how it works and can tell how someone is by observing them.
Things that I know
Astral projection
Various meditations
Opening the Chrakras
Spiritual Satanism,lavaey Satanism and a little bit of Buddhism
Enchanting objects
Some of my favorite psychology book
48 laws of power
The Prince
The art of war
Influence-How to win friends