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Been around for long, knowing more then just some stuff, yet have disciplined patience for testing has shown why awareness is needed, I understand the nature of wildness, but balance is needed from my point of view and balance includes some additional order in some cases of course.
In my view to cast you firstly show know what is to be done, for then you'd know how to react in any and every eventual case, even being with simply enjoying the effect/s.
Practicing with care and awareness are some of the basic essences in magic, anyways that's to be known for more then a reason, this will ensure you practicing with more joy and happiness even if learning how to causes a bit more time.
In my view also you can't separate magic, it's like every science, yet it's closer to perfection and more ancient, also more accurate, if you understand the basic principles you could be able to cast any form of magic.
To cast greater and more complicated spells or do rituals of similar grade, better be well prepared and first start with more common ones, take some experience doing so and then you'd have better results.
Practice daily, that you should do regardless of almost anything. Even just meditating on your day may have blissful effects.
Calm yourself often, grab a cup of tea or cocoa, fresh, whatever makes you calm, relax and accomplish meditative state, allowing yourself connect to higher self.
Try often to look at yourself like a spectator, from the outside, like you're out of yourself and this will help you have clearer view on what's exactly happening out there.
Concentrate from time to time on the inner worlds, not only find but live by who you are and you'd be able to accomplish more...
I am interested in:
Celestial magic
Elemental magic
Restoration magic
Ancient, old and new artefacts and their effects including
Mostly I would study and practice the magic given to mankind from the beginning and that, which has been bestowed for learning to humanity and yeah it's kinda enough for ages of learning and practicing to master