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Name: Madi3220
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What I'm currently studying: - electic witchcraft - protection spells - healing spells - stones/crystals - runes - herbal stuff - spirits, entities, demons, folk lore, etc. (along with banishment, exorcisms, cleansing, and other methods of how to remove them, keep them at bay, and so on) - I DO NOT SUMMON DEMONS - music magic - tarot (still learning) - crystal ball readings (still learning) - pendulum use (still kind of new but will help with the basic questions) _____________________________________________________________________________________ What I can help with: My advise is limited but it mostly consist of the stuff above. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MUST READ THE FOLLOWING!!!: I WILL NOT accept any tips that involve sex, drugs (weed included), or alcohol. I WILL NOT TEACH YOU. I only give advice when I feel it's necessary. Anyone who personally asks me for advice WILL BE IGNORED. I would also prefer to work alone. I'm just here for some advice and to help people if I feel I need to. I also want to make clear that I'm not looking for romance and that wanting to be friends with me is not always guaranteed (I have to know I can trust you). Lastly I WILL NOT respond to private messages unless I told you it's okay or I've been trying to help you with something. I also DO NOT respond to or read any messages that are only a few words. I have a 3 sentence minimum if you want me to at least read it. Any messages just saying things like "Hi", "What's up?", etc will be ignored and deleted. If you send those kinds of messages more then 3 times then I will block your messages. If by any chance you are in urgent need of a response and I haven't helped you or given you the okay you must title the message **URGENT!** and give me a full description (1 paragraph minimum) as to why you are messaging me, who you are, what you need/want, and why you chose to come to me. I will consider being friends with you if: - You are nice - You're willing to give advice if and when possible - You do not flirt - You do not troll/make rude or insulting comments towards me or anyone else - You understand and respect the fact that I only do/learn witchcraft for the better good - You understand and respect the fact that I am doing this not just to be a good person but to learn more about myself - Don't ask/recommend anything that involves (physically) teleporting or transforming into something else (I don't believe in that stuff) _____________________________________________________________________________________ I just want tips for doing positive electic witchcraft in my college dorm since I'm not allowed to burn candles, incense, sage, etc. I play guitar and bass guitar and I sing (I'm actually a very serious musician/singer) so I'm open to any music related tips. I also am really into things like herbs, essential oils, and crystals. The down side is, being a college student, I'm on a bit of a budget so if you recommend anything to me please think about the possibilities of me having to buy something and if so how much it's going to cost (I usually try not to spend over $30 on 1 item unless I absolutely have to). Also, I'm in Las Angeles. Even though there is a spiritual shop around the corner from my dorm things can get a little pricey and also hard to find at non-spiritual stores. It's also really hard to get supplies from nature or go outside at night cause I'm right next to Hollywood Blvd (theres little to no nature and there's a lot of sketchy people after dark). Long story short, my hands are a little bit tied when it comes to a good chunk of stuff. I'm still fairly new to all of this so any advice helps. Anyway, here are some facts about me; I try to cook (I'm not that good), I prefer to work alone but I'm still open to working in a group if need be, I like tea, I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to rock music, and I know a good amount of info on how to take care of demons, negative entities, restless spirits, etc. As a kid I was always fascinated by ghosts, folklore, mythical creature, etc and it's still something I find interesting to this day. I'm certainly no pro when dealing with spirits but I'm always willing to help as much as I can. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Note: My profile picture is not actually me, it's Stevie Nick (lead singer of Fleetwood Mac). I didn't want to put a picture of myself cause I'm still learning/practicing in quiet. I decided I wanted to put something/someone who's influenced/is important to me without making to big of a hint at who I actually am. As a result, I chose a picture of Stevie Nicks cause her music (from Fleetwood Mac and her solo career) has helped me through some rough spots in my life. In other words, I'm not pretending to be Stevie Nicks, I'm just a fan.