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Name: JaiKeontae
Birthday: May 8 2002
Gender: Female
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I enjoy making special Teas, Brews, 'Potions', Herbal mixtures That stop negativity, and make a positive impact on the physical and spiritual bodies. My favorite herbs are ginger, Lily of the Valley and ginseng. My favorite gemstone is emerald. I love animals and nature. I think spring is an amazing season cause it often brings new life. I think 8 is lucky because its a number that signifies resurrection and regeneration. My favorite tree is a Cottonwood tree because they represent grounding, security and resiliency. My favorite flower is Lily of the valley because it represents sweetness and the return of happiness. Also Emeralds, Lily of the valley, Cottonwood trees, the number 8 are all representations of me not only are they connected to my birthday but they symbolize aspects of my personality