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Happily married for just a few short months but according to my past lives my husband and I have been together since 73ad. Love animals true calling to be a vet tech or teacher. Have a beautiful little 6 month old dog (dogs are adults from ages 6 months and up due to reproductive maturity being faster than humans). Elemt is fire color is gold planet is sun zodiac Leo been in practice since 2011 most magic is native american and have spirit animals wolf, hawk, horse, dove, and cardinal total of 5 spirit guides. Love to go camping, hiking, swimming, only hunt for survival and wild life population managment never for sport and aways thank the animal for its sacrafice it has made and for the life its had on mother earth always thanks the earth for the animal amd thank the great father for creating the animals and forest. Love the night sky and the sun. Rain is good but can make me sad. Can not stand bullies. Love to help and guide others on their paths. Just ask if you need help or guidance I'm glad to. Anything not mentioned can be asked about me except faith politics or sexual questions I do not have Kik or skype