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Like the darkness I have returned a grim reminder on how corrupt and power Hungary those in power on here is if it comes to pass then I will have to see it how it is an act of war which I will accept gladly by the dictatorships of this site. It was sephiroth that said "no matter how many times I fall your darkness will keep calling me back" you can all live in fear of them or you can walk that path free of power trip dictator. If you carve a new path all just know you don't have much further. Either way I am part of a group called the Ciha Fox Clan and is a scout for the clan. Looking for people who would take the title of kin to me and primarily looking for those who would take a position in the clan as members of a council. At this time we will me taking in new members if you want to know more about the clan use link above my profile. The clan is a group built on a Democratic Autocracy government we are a clan of open minded being who care little about dangerous ideology we look out for each other and will stand together. Update: Although my clan will still exist even I have to acknowledge the truth I been denying about my clan and that is that it falls under the banner of being a micronation and will now embrace that my will still exist within the micronation I unknowingly created I embrace the empire I will create. If interested in knowing more or interested in help building this empire I will create pm me. Or if you want to take part in building or taking the first step join my amino group. (Note: joining the group doesn't mean you official a member of the empire the group is a buffer zone between potential members and the official website of the empire that full members of the empire will go be sure to post on bio if you are visitor or applicant when you join the group to let us know if you are just visiting to see what we are all about and decide later if you are interested and if you are interested just follow instructions on the amino group when you join.) http://aminoapps.com/c/maytechempire