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Like the darkness I have returned a grim reminder on how corrupt and power Hungary those in power on here is if it comes to pass then I will have to see it how it is an act of war which I will accept gladly by the dictatorships of this site. It was sephiroth that said "no matter how many times I fall your darkness will keep calling me back" you can all live in fear of them or you can walk that path free of power trip dictator. If you carve a new path all just know you don't have much further. Either way I am part of a group called the Ciha Fox Clan and is a scout for the clan. Looking for people who would take the title of kin to me and primarily looking for those who would take a position in the clan as members of a council. Update at this time we will me taking in new members if you want to know more about the clan use link above my profile. The clan is a group built on a Democratic Autocracy government we are a clan of open minded being who care little about dangerous ideology we look out for each other and will stand together.