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Name: Hellkitti13
Birthday: Aug 1 1998
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  • Old account: kittikatt13
  • Age: 22. Don't bother flirting or messaging me about anything other than magic
  • I practice many types of magics. I work with crystals, herbs, sigils, and charms. I mainly focus on healing, protective and banishing magic. I also follow Celtic traditions. I've been practicing for 8 years now
  • I follow the deities Cerridwen, Brigid, Morrigan, and Lugh.
  • I observe the 8 Sabbats and each Esbat.
  • I do Tarot readings (for free, unless you want to trade services of some sort), I've been reading for about 3 years for now
  • I will not help you turn ino any supernatural creature (this doesn't imply that I don't believe in such creatures)
  • I am open to any religion, including LaVeyan Satanism and Luciferianism
  • I will not preform spells for you, however, depending on what you want, I can pass along spells that I've collected/written. Same goes for sigils (I can give you pointers on how I make my own), charms and such.

About Me

  • I'm Katt
  • This isn't a dating site, so adding my sexual orientation isn't needed. Most you'll need to know is that I'm not female. I'm nonbinary
  • I love metal and punk music, books, cats, coffee, anime, and art
  • Some of my hobbies are: Cosplaying, crafting, writing, drawing, hiking, reading and gaming