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Name: Penhallow
Location: The Netherlands
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Hello my great and dear people, My name is Laura and im 16 years old. I live in The Netherlands together with my grandma in a house in the forest. I practice: -Herbs -Mythology -Astral Projection -Divination -Tarot -Runes -Scrying -Crystals -Candle Magick -Spirit communication One thing is relly iportant to me you always have to believe in yourself. I choise this path because of my family's history and want to follow it and will do it to make my parents proud who skipped this of the famil and tried to ignore it what made me even more drawn to my grandma and what i do now. I hope you know a little more about me now and if you want to text me for spells, questions or something go ahead i would love to reply. Bless you all!