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Name: Gossamer
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Mother, daughter, teacher, student, artist. We all have our own lives to live and paths to follow. We choose to make it unique to ourselves, or follow that which is laid at our feet by others. There is no wrong or right choice, only the one you choose ;) My beliefs are wide and varied. I do not follow any set path or practice. I choose to go wherever the wind blows me. I am not the type to judge others by their path, background, or anything else that is not my business. Only how I see them treat myself and others matters. I do not label magic by color, nor work with the "right or left" because I feel that everything is a bit of both positive and negative depending on how you see it. I do not cast for others, the only exception being work for those I know personally. I feel that everyone has both something to teach and many things left to learn. After all isn't life just one big spiritual lesson and journey? I chose the name Gossamer for all it represents. A delicate touch, a fresh start on our own, and the magnificent creatures that creat it. We all weave our own webs in life. Will yours snag your desires, or serve only to hide you from the world? ;D Some things I have experience in: Meditation Spellwork Bindings Divination Herbs Crystals OBE/Trance work Healing Sympathetic magic Non Occult Studies and Interests: Drawing, painting, writing, needlework, clay, photography, psychology, all things nature, various religions/practices, video games, medical related studies, pretty much anything new to me when it comes to topics. ~ L.l.b Angel