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Name: DotCom
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First,sorry for my weak English , The education in my country is not very good . Please tell me if there is something wrong , I'm trying to improve my English because I love English. Hi . My name is Abdullah . I'm Egyptian . 18 years old . I'm interested in learning magick . I'm on SoM for about 6 months and my life has completely changed . I am a beginner . I didn't try any spell yet , but I think I'm ready. *Things I have / can do : -Meditate and reaching the Alpha. -Good visualization. -Grounding & Centering. -Energy manipulating. *Things I'm trying to do: -Casting spells. -Astral projection. -Telekinesis * I'm also a HACKER ( /but don't worry , I am not going to hack the website or your account . I'm a good person) * I want to learn magick to make my life better. *I am an expert in Arabic witchcraft and I am going to put some Arabic spells. Arabic witchcraft is completely different , all what you need is belief , a calm mind and some ingredients and your spell will work . You don't need visualization or energy or grounding or centering . We are calling a wizard in Arabic "SAHIR" and a witch "SAHIRA". I think this is everything. Thank you :-*