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Name: Obbo00
Location: Uganda-Kampala
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My name is OBBO that name was given to me by my father but my mother gave me DANIEL from the bible & have leaved on street from 12years untill now! When i was young in class three a strange and wonderful thing happened to me: It was lunch time when rain started with alot of wind , i was behind the class with a chop stick in my right hand, then i lifted my right hand in the sky then i started to think of the rain to stop then the wind started to stop slowly & slowly then & rain started also to stop slowly by slowly. Then when i had 17years i started to see something diffrent some people call it "De Ja - vu" this thing happened to me alot of time, i see a woman pass in red dress then in my mind i find out that have seen this moment befor then i predict what will happen next then it happen exactly how i saw it. Right now i can feel the moon in 2 or 3 days befor it apears, when i talked to some people they told me that am clairvoyance. What am i exactly & what is my use? #Blessed be #Amen