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Name: creeper94
Birthday: Sep 4 2002
Location: Norwood Mo
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Hi. I am 14 years old and a homeschooler, though i never really wanted to be. My whole life i have wanted a friend, but never got one. I love video games, biking, swimming, and being outdoors. I came here to actually do magic and become useful in life. All my life have wanted a job being an electrical engineer, but i doubt I will now, because we are moving out to go off the grid. My life has been garbage and me treated like garbage. I fell like I am invisible and contribute to nothing. All I want is to make friends and do magic I feel little better, so i will tell you more about me Favorite Colors:Blue, Green, Black, Red I like biking, video games, rain (makes me feel happy, outside, warmth, dogs and cats I hate bullies, thiefs, collard greens, wind, the cold