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Name: Darkwolf177
Birthday: Nov 14 1995
Location: Rockland, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male
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I'm mostly looking for curses protection spells anything that can make me a dragon again i don't care about the risks and a few others as well plus my doors always open to anyone who wants to talk about anything weather it's just to talk or if you want to get something out of the way to feel better I've got the time I'm always willing to help so feel free to look me up and just letting anyone know i don't try to be pushy so sorry if I am just a heads up I'm looking for dragon spells as well but I would need specific ones no self cast I just want to say sorry if I accidentally block you report you if I do it's an accident my tablet is a bit jumpy to put it simply and if anyone i have talked to has accidentally had there profile deleted I am very sorry and I hope you can forgive me and that we can still talk