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Hello My Magickal Name is Drakonin. I Study Draconic Wicca and i have been since april of 2016. I am 17. (fun facts about me): My favorite bands are Motionless In White, and Disturbed. Time is the enemy

i am happy to receive mail from people.. i am single. please don't message me about getting together because i am not looking for a relationship. I enjoy music and i am a big nerd for i play Magic the Gathering. ( i am pretty bad at it too). i will not cast spells for or read people. i will not take apprenticeship for i am an apprentice myself. i will not answer to transform you into a beast or god. Blessed be all.

FAQ: Are Dragons real? yes

Are they Physical? No they are spirits.

How do i find a dragon? You can meditate on it. or call out to one




Horoscope: Pisces (Ascending: Leo)

Abilities:aura reading, acute astral projection (I can astral project with little difficulty)


Specialty: Draconic Magick



here is a little riddle for you guys

what is time but movement, movement but energy, energy but heat, heat but friction, friction but movement and movement but time.


my kik is krzykid9