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Name: Ms.Knight
Birthday: Jan 7 1993
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female
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"I am not afraid of Death; for I was born in its embrace. And when it is my time, I will gladly embrace it." - Me

Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Night.

Emilia Knight is my name. It's not my birth name. It's the name I have chosen for myself.

  • My mother died of a brain aneurysm when she was 2 weeks away from giving birth to me. For 6 hours I was locked in Death's embrace before I was released. And from that point on, Death had been about of my life. Therefore, at a young age, I accepted Death as a friend and learned that everything needs to be balance in order for the World to live. With Life there is Death. I may have lost the opportunity to know my mother but now someone else in the world has the opportunity share life. It also provides me with the opportunity to help others who are struggling with Death. I have a clear mind to listen to them and help them process it.
  • I spend most of my time lost in my thoughts. My mind is like a movie theater. I try writing and I would think of all these stories. Hours would go by and only then I would realize that I haven't even written a single word down.
  • I don't know how to classify my beliefs and I do not wish to. I believe in many things and cannot place them under ONE religion or belief. However, I can tell you that I don't support the Christian God or actually any God for that matter. I do support some science, but I do feel that science does not have all the answers. That being said, I will respect anyone's beliefs even if you don't respect mine because I will not lower myself to your level.
  • I wish I was fluent in German, Russian and Latin.
  • I find myself fascinated by Astral Projection and Reincarnation.
  • I love Snakes, Dragons and Wolves.
  • I, honestly, don't really have many friends; do to the fact that I prefer to be alone and off wondering my mind. Even though I prefer to be alone, I will leave my mind to be with or help anyone that calls for me.
  • I do have a long term boyfriend, who does not share all the same beliefs as me and I love him for that.
  • Covens: Now I respect Covens and the idea of having people who you can trust to help guide you down your path, but at this moment I don't think joining one is right for me. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have at least one person who shares the same beliefs as me, but I believe that would require me to open up my mind and allow them to freely see what I see in order to fully connect with them. Honestly, I am not ready to share my Safe Haven (The World I created in my mind).

Currently Reading: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation - Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf

"I could choose to be purely good, but I will not. I could choose to be purely evil, but I will not. I will be neutral. In that way I am free to be what suits me best, and no man can predict my actions." -Lycorne