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Name: shakiraxyes
Location: Europe
Gender: Female
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|| Introduction ||

Hey, My name is Shakira,
I Follow the order that my Grandma gave me, ''Stay strong and become Powerful''

i'm working on my Dreams to become a Pro Writer. (Romantic Books, Thrillers. things like that)
i'm also working on a Grimoire, something that my Grandma couldn't finish.

My Celtic Animal Sign is Butterfly.

Birthstone: Tourmaline & Opal.

My fav. Animal will always be the Wolf.

'' Spending time in Nature is Healing Energy ''

|| About the Mail ||

You can ask me anything, The box is open 24/7.

|| Extra Info ||

  • White magick
  • Black magick (Only when Needed)
  • Connected to Spirits
  • Animal whisperer
  • Casting Spells
  • Mind reader
  • Writer

Spell Creator and Caster.