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Name: TaylorWicca
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Many spells made a lie Type it up, thei do not try Demons, werewolf's, you can not be Impossible feats, not magic to me Belief is a thing you must need Set an example ye can lead Love the world, plants and willow If thy not, declined as a wiccan fellow Bide by the wiccan law ye must In perfect love and perfect trust I try to follow the one law of the wiccan religion: "An it harm none, do what ye will" I am Scottish and have been interested in magic since the age of nine, but I never embraced it much, I never knew that there were laws, more things beyond what I could think. I never knew about the triple goddess and the triple god, and about herbs and crystals, circles and other things. The first line of the Wiccan Rede really calls to me, "Bide the wiccan law you must, in perfect love NAD perfect trust." I also love geography, I live geography. I've heard of every country in the world. EVIL? What kind of evil? Oh Demons, devils and evil spirits? Oh, OK. No, let's cut the (excuse my language) crap! Demons, don't blame the evil on them! We make evil, this world is a lesser place than before because of us. Don't blame the spirits, its you, its me, its all of us, but I believe that one day, in the far future, we can all be balanced and in harmony. INTERESTS ========= Healing Magick Clairvoyance