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Name: Dentatus2
Birthday: Mar 24 2000
Location: New York, NY
Gender: Male
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Hello! I am a brand new member here hoping to learn a little something from you guys. I'm not looking for anything in particular, simply here to observe. I am oriented to Romance/Western Mediterranean and Roman Catholic cult doctrines and traditions, and currently go by the Nova Roma name Spurius Lucinius Dentatus. I am a follower of Mars and Mercury, and most expecially in Christ. I try to avoid anything eastern or heathen (Celtic, Norse, Voodoo) Personally, I am a rather objective, scientifically oriented person, but have a strong belief in all things meta-physical as well. That being said, I tend to be weak on the socializing and the personability, so if something I say offends you please try to realize it was either meant in an ironic or a joking context, or I was just approaching it in an objective manner. I am not a therapist. I am into many academic subjects, including zoology, psychology, and most of all linguistics and history. I am currently invested in Latin, and so far am nearly finished with three years of Latin highschool education, and can translate sentences rather well with the aid of a dictionary (I personally use the Words cmd program) If you know what Jungian psychology is as well as Enneagram, I am an INTP with enneagram 5w4. If you're someone who took the one test on 16personalities or read about it and have a very shallow knowledge of it, please, study the cognitive functions before forming a judgement of me. Not everything is based in the stereotypes of those types. In terms of leisure I am a somewhat avid gamer. I play a lot of Overwatch, and, while I don't play it as frequently, still hold a great sentiment towards Team Fortress 2. If you wanna queue up or add me in Overwatch, my Battle tag is "Apokalypsis#11116" and my Steam profile link is I also play Pokemon, and have played Undertale and Subnautica (to name a few that a like).