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?Hello, you may have known me before as My*insert number*Time. The reason why I have a new account is that I'm not perfect(what a shocker!). I have always been interested in magic and the like and finally took initiative when I was 10 years old.
1. Astral Projection
2. All manners of divination and psychic powers.
3. Draconic magick
4. Conjuration
5. Traditional Astrology
6.Ceremonial Magic
Will be updated in due time*
My Story
When I was three years old I had a vision. (It was like a picture, so nothing was moving) I was at Camp Ozanam(a catholic camp) and it was twilight. There was only one star in the sky(Venus I think) And I was looking at a seminarian and he was looking back at me. This was when I was 3. Fast Forward to when I was 10-11, and that exact scene came true. I also had a vision of my friend leaving when I was 10 years old, and of Minecraft when I was three(by the way, I was 6 years old when Minecraft came out, but I only heard of it when I guessed it... 10) (If anyone is good with numerology, please tell me what significance this number is) Ok, so I'm back after gods know how long! In that time, I've worked with demons, made many friends, took up traditional astrology, discovered my new gods (Dazbog is my patron, Piorun I see almost as the god of my blood ancestors, and Zirnitra, black dragon god of the wends, is a spiritual mentor), and much more. I am more wise than I was before, and more experienced.
TL;DR version
1. My sun sign is Aries
2. I had three visions(of no great importance)
3. I like Psychic stuff(Divination, tarot, AP, Astrology ect.)
4. I'm Bi(and a guy)
5. I'm single(but not looking)
6. I love DND, video games, and reading(But I don't read as often as I should)
7. I used to be catholic, but now I am a pagan. Specifically, I am a Rodnover, a Rodzimowiercy (that's polish)
8. I speak some french and polish
1. Spellcasting