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Name: kemetic
Location: Either alone or in my fantasy world
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Hey, just call me Amneris. Everyone else does. I am a solitary witch with no real interest of joining a coven. My main study areas are related to Kemetic Heka - including energy and healing. I have an interest what people consider to be "black magic" as well as the concepts of past lives and life after death. I also have an interest in the multiversal and alternative reality theories, and no, despite what people may say, I am not insane. If people require help in the mystical and/or mental worlds, I am always willing to talk. Apparently I'm good at helping with these things. As well as practjcing the craft, I am an amateur author and love to read. I'm currently in my HSC year so I can't guarantee replies will be fast once I return to school. Wattpad: @AmnerisTenjo (just thought I should add that in :p)