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Name: RebornFlame
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Hey. It's been at least a few yeas since I've been on this site soooo all of my old friends are gone :( . However I'm more than happy to dive back into the community and meet new people. I enjoy mail from everyone, I am someone who is not judgemental. It's also worth noting that I am an open mind and am a firm believer in everything being possible. Ok sooo enough about my beliefs and what not. I am an alchemist. I will help with problems in terms of advice however I will not help directly. I am also well acquainted with old arcane arts as my brother, he has been apart of their community for 20 years and has been introducing this to me. I am also very familiar with demons/devils, and Magics from books such as, The Lesser Key of Solomon, and others of that nature. I Wish to learn all varieties and variations of magic as well as more on demons and devils....any information helps sooo please message me if you have any. Thank you if you have read this and I don't mind if you didn't either XD.