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Name: AikaRyong
Location: Helheim
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 16 Dec 2018

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Child of Hel .

Read before mailing me:

*Don't mail me if you don't have a profile picture.

*Don't mail me just to say hi. I don't like small talk.

*Don't mail me without a subject in your message

*Don't mail me without a content, a magic related content .

*Don't try to flirt with me. Maybe you don't know it but there are dating sites where you can go to flirt. This is not a dating site.

I've been surrounded by witchcraft almost all my life in a subtle way. My parents have always been very open minded and they always encouraged me to follow the path I felt I needed to follow.

I started practicing when I got my first set of runes when I was 11 and some time later I discovered that norse paganism was the main path for me, although I don't close myself to an exclusive belief system.

Around that same time I learned that I'm an empath and started trying to have some control over this as it had caused me a lot of pain for some time. I would define myself as eclectic as I take from different branches of witchcraft and religions. I've always been a solitary practitioner outside internet but here on SoM I am a part of the coven The Air Element as a council member, so if you are looking for a coven to join and haven't decide on which yet, you can mail me with any doubt concerning our coven.

Currently studying (mostly but not only)

*Traditional Wiccan practice

*Lucid dreaming

*Norse and Wiccan fesivities


*Distant cleansing and healing

Anyway, I always try to keep on reading about as much of the things I mentioned as I can. Learning is a passion for me, so I'm always eager to learn more.