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Personal Bio just looking for ways to find happiness,My life has been hell..growing up with a younger and older brother who beat the crap out of me all time,,but they taught me how to take care of myself,,my parents are both only child's,,i have no aunts,uncles or cousins,my father left when i was3 yrs.old,,ive been hurt and devistated in realationships exspecially the one i had for 25 years,,just want to be happy..i luv u guys and find comfort in ur wisdom,and iam practacing spells and learning as i go along,,i love the sun .moon and stars...ocean and fire,,love all creatures,and will help any at any time,been a vegetarian since i was 6..i can not eat anything with a face,,but,,im happy to be here and look forward to learning more,,im a great listener,,look forward to chattin with u all..thx so much