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Name: Marcipher
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Magick and occult was something of my interest since of my age 14. Now 10 years later I managed to learn a lot and get practice on various aspects of both. There is still much that I have to learn but that is the pleasure of all this. I use magick on daily basis and I implemented it to my daily life. Despite knowing a bits from both "light" and "dark" magic, Im personally more leaned towards darker aspects of magick and occult.

My main path is Shadow Magic, a type of magick heavily relies on negative energy, one might say thats why im mostly negative in my life and why there is such negative aura around me. However I also like to help others when im able to.

Other than my main path some major notable studies are:

  • Blood Magic (empowering spells and rituals)
  • Draconian Magic (usage of Dragon Guide and draconian wisdoms)
  • Curses
  • Demonology
  • Egyptology (primarily based on Ankh )
  • Seven Deadly Sins

I wont go more in details as these are just minor ones left.?

Thats all for a bio, if anyone is interested in more feel free to send message.

Have a nice day!