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Name: IrishPsycho
Location: A quiet and peaceful place of my own.
Gender: Female
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How I got into magick:
I first thought about magick back when I was 9-ish and was watching a WW2 film about a Druids valley or something like that, I then later went to look up about Druids and gypsies and other things related to it.
What I know the most about:
To be honest I don't really know too much but what I do know is mainly focuses on the Christian religion as a whole and how magick may relate to it, which also happens to be what I'm studying. But I do know some things about other aspects of magick such as what is possible and what isn't, slightly about how it works and how to make it work and other things related to those topics.
If you want to talk about anything, I don't mind, even if it isn't magick related. So feel free to msg me, I also RP anything nowadays, just looking for people to talk to about magick and that.