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Hello, I'm new here. My name is ToxicSan last name starts with number 3 which means "San" in Japanese to/ English. I'm a beginner White Witch to help myself & others in need of a better healthier life style, wealth, & prosperity. As a beginner witch I do NOT support Satanic rituals/religion I'm a pure Christian looking for the right path in life. Please, do NOT ask me to perform spells for you or anyone else you know I'm no a professional witch. If you want a spell to be performed onto you with no harm done ask someone who's a pro. Status: White Witch(Beginner) P.S: "I use this symbol on my Avatar as a symbol for Protection as a Christian. I couldn't find any other symbols for Protection as a Christian believer so I decided to use this Norse symbol". Coven: Eclipse Zodiac Star: Pisces Occupation: To create simple & easy spells for others. Spirit Animal: Owl Planet: Jupiter Element: Water Religion: Christian