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If I had three wishes, they would be: 1. Become a vampire forever 2. Be able to talk to the dead and animals 3. Be a legendary "witch" (specializing in all kinds of magick)...In that exact order. ------ I'm still a bit of a beginner, but I made my own vampire spell. ------ Spell: "O gods and goddesses of the night turn me into a being of fright. By the wind, by the fire, grant me this one thing I desire. I will stalk, I will bite, I will transform in the night. I'll have sharp fangs, a great blood lust, please turn me into this thing, I must! I will be an immortal that drains the life of mortals. By the energy, magick, wind and fire, turn me into a vampire! This is my wish, so mote it be!" ----Say it one time on a full moon (for stronger chances) if possible, alone, out loud and clear, looking at the moon (must at least be waxing),try to do it at exactly midnight, if not possible, 11:00 P.M.-1:00 A.M.---- If you try it please let me know how it goes and how it made you feel! Good luck.